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ZIVELAB has provided electrochemical instruments design and developemt in hardware and software.,

    ZIVE MP1 the economical multichannel potentiostat/galvanostat/FRA, is the best choice for multiple samples characterization simultaneously  or independently with the complete DC and impedance  test.

    System is designed under FPGA and DSP control with high speed capability with

      DAC control: Two set of high speed 16 bit DAC(50MHz) for offset & scanning

      ADC Reading: Two set of 16 bit 500kHz ADC for reading voltage/current and 1 channel                             16 bit 250kHz ADCs for auxiliary data input . It can provide high                               frequency EIS, fast pulse techniques with options and high speed                                sampling time.


    4ch housing

    ZIVE MP1's each channel is equipped with a frequency response analyzer(FRA) for system as standard and it provides high performance impedance measurements over the frequency range 10uHz to 1MHz.  ZRA(zero resistance ammeter) function can measure max 1 A in galvanic corrosion technique. ZIVE MP1 can be easily upgraded with  adding optional application software package without returning the system to the factory for upgrade.


    ZIVE MP1s each channel comes with additional auxiliary voltage input. This can be used for ZRA measurement.




      1.  When communication failure between PC and ZIVE MP1 occurs, running channel will continue the experiments and save the data into ZIVE memory up to 542,000 data point set. When the communication is recovered, ZIVE will transfer saved data to PC. User can transfer data set from ZIVE to PC anytime. This function will be highly efficient for long time experiment.

      2. User can define safety condition setting by inputting his/her own safety levels for voltage, current, auxiliary voltage etc. If the measurement value exceeds this setting value, the system will automatically stop to protect the system and cell.

      3.  If control value of voltage or current is different from measured value, the experiment will be stop automatically to protect the cell.

      4.  Automatic calibration function is supplied for user calibration.

      • The system is controlled from a PC via USB connection(Future function).
      • Can be expanded to 16ch using USB hurb.



      1.  The system has its own hardware parameters and calibration data.

      2.  The channel is plug & play type and easy to install or to be removed (just plug-in or plug out).



    ZIVE MP1 multichannel electrochemical workstation is ideal for fundamental research in electrochemistry, development and quality assurance of new sensors, corrosion/coatings, electrode material, membrane, conducting polymer, evaluation power device research such as battery materials, fuel cells, super capacitors and solar cells.


    Software (SmartManager)  
    ZIVE MP1 multichannel electrochemical workstation use Smart Manager software. You can get more detailed information via above link.





Main system

PC communication

USB2.0 High Speed

Line voltage

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1Amp

Max channel No. per unit

4 independent channels per unit

Max channels per PC

16 channels( 4 units) expandable per PC

Size & weight

199x455x388 mm (WxHxD) /4 channel  housing

Channel System

Cell cable

1meter shielded type (Standard)

Working, reference, counter,

Working sense, Auxiliary





Data acquisition

2x16bit ADCs (500kHz)for voltage, current


1x 16bit ADCs(250kHz) for auxiliary voltage & temperature reading


2x16bit DAC(50MHz) for bias & scan



4ea (5Hz,1kHz,500kHz, 5MHz)

Scan rate

0 – 200V/sec
0-5000V/sec(fast scan)

Front Panel LED per channel

Cell ON/Run

Internal Data Memory

542,000 points per channel

Max output power


Power amplifier(CE)


12Watt (12V@1A)

Compliance voltage


Maximum current


Control speed selection




Slew rate


Potentiostat mode(voltage control)

- voltage control

Control voltage range

±10V, ±1V, ±100mV

Voltage resolution

16 bit per each range

Voltage accuracy

±0.02% fs

Max. scan range

±10V vs. ref. E

- current measurement

Current ranges

9ranges(auto/manual setting)

10nA ~ 1A

(10nA with gain)

Current resolution

16 bit;


30pA,3pA, 300fA

Current accuracy

±0.05% fs(gain x1) >100nA fs.

Galvanostat mode(current control)

- Current control

Control current range

Max. ±1A

± full scale depending on selected range

Current resolution

16 bit;


30pA,3pA, 300fA

Current accuracy

±0.05%  fs (gain x1) >100nA fs.

- Voltage measurement

Voltage ranges


Voltage resolution

16 bit; 0.3mV,30uV,3uV

Voltage accuracy

±0.02% fs


Max input voltage


Input impedance






EIS(Internal FRA) per channel

Frequency range

10uHz ~ 1MHz

Frequency accuracy


Frequency resolution



0.1mV ~ 5V rms (Potentiostatic)

0.1 ~ 70% f.s(Galvanostatic)


Static EIS:

Potentiostatic, galvanostatic, pseudo-galvanostatic, OCP

Dynamic EIS:

Potentiodynamic, Galvanodynamic

Fixed frequency Impedance:

Potentiostatic, Galvanostatic, potentiodynamic, galvanodynamic

Multisine EIS:

Potentiostatic, Galvanostatic

Intermittent PEIS/GEIS

Interfaces  per channel

Auxiliary port

 Auxiliary voltage input

1 analog input: +/-10V


100nA to 1A ranges

 Sync termical

For channel synchronizsing


Max steps per experiment


Shutdown safety limits

Voltage, current, Auxiliary V etc

Max. sampling rate

20kHz(50usec)-burst mode/500kHz(2 or 3usec) in fast sweep mode

Max. sampling time


Sampling condition

Time, dv/dt, dI/dt etc.

PC requirement

Operating system


PC specification(minimum)

Pentium4, RAM 1GB


1600x900 high color


High speed 2.0


Dummy cell

One external dummy cell included

Specifications & software subject to change without notice.      ZIVELAB

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