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    ZIVELAB has concentrated its efforts in the development of products relatated to electrochemical application.  State-of-the-art products has been developed with recent technologies including FPGA, DSP and hardware/Software design. We have steadily  focused on electrochemical application under cooperation with electrochemists.    
    With the constant effort to achieve excellent quality and competitive edge of our products,
    we have been designing high value added system equipments for the following applications.


       Battery, Super capacitor, Fuel cell, Solar cell

       Corrosion, Electroplating

       Electrode characterization



       Physical electrochemistry etc.


    To fulfill customers specific needs, we also have provided flexible solution to meet their requirement with customized instruments.  For more than 10 years, we have provided our products with hardware/software/application know-how, not only to local customers but also to foreign customers by strategic alliance with the specialized companies in each country. We hope that  we satisfy your continued interest and support in the future.


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