Tag function


“Tag” is special function to make sequence by adding constant control value(Add tag) to “tag” specified step.

l  Each tag has its own control value memory. Whenever it meets tag step, control value will be added with “add value”

l  Each step’s tag has its own independent parameter.

l  Loop-normal sequence will initiate tag memory value.

1.       Staircase control with EIS measurement

If you want EIS measurement on staircase control, you need to set tag on constant control for staircase waveform.

Eg. Potentiostatic staircase waveform with 10mV increment with EIS measurement on each staircase.

Note: You must add Loop-cycle step to breakdown each EIS data.


2.       Various waveform examples

l  Waveform 1 (one tag step)

l  Waveform 2 (one tag step)

This staircase waveform is different from following STEP control

This STEP control cannot specify cutoff condition per each step to next step but tag used staircase can specify cutoff condition per each step.


l  Waveform3 (2tag steps)

l  Waveform4 (two tag steps)

l  Waveform5 (3 tag steps)

l  Waveform6 (3 tag steps)


3.       Tag parameter initializing

If you want 3 cycling using above two steps (step1-step2) and add loop cycle only then;

Tag parameter was not cleared as the above.

You must clear tag parameter using Loop-normal.

If you want to count cycle number for the above example, you must add Loop-normal and Loop-cycle sequence