Experiment Looping


1.       Loop type

There are 5 loop control types.

Loop control in Sequence editor

Iteration is loop number. If Iteration is 0, this will do unlimited looping.

In cutoff condition, Loop next is looping target step when sequence meet this loop step.

Stepend condition is to define target step when loop number meet iteration number.

Note1: The parameter of looping number for stepend in cutoff condition will clear when it meet Iteration number.

If sequence logic has jump condition to other step outside of looping control, it need to make another loop to clear loop number for another looping control’s step end condition.

Note2: Go next step number which was selected for Loop Next in cutoff condition was changed automatically when you insert or delete step.

If you insert new step between step1 and step2,

Go next step will be changed from STEP2 to STEP3 automatically.


a.        Loop-Normal

This will loop the sequence by loop count. This will not affect cycle number.

b.        Loop-Cycle

This will loop the sequence by cycle count. This will add cycle number.

n  Cycle Number: This cycle number will be used in the following cases.

        In cycle graph, the result parameters can be plot per cycle number

        Break EIS graphs in ZMAN analysis software if the experiments includes multiple EIS measurements.
 In SM software In  ZMAN software
Each EIS graph cannot be split if you did not include Loop-cycle as the above.
 In SM software
In ZMAN software
Each EIS graph can be split if you did include Loop-cycle as the above

Cyclic Segment control

c.         Cyclic Sweep/Cyclic Stair case control

If you select cyclic in Sweep or staircase,

This will loop between middle value and final value within setting segment value.


If you input 5 for segments, this will proceed as the following sequence


Cycle count will be calculate between middle and final.

·         Segment 1: Initial->Middle Cycle count:1

·         Segment 2: Initial->Middle->Final Cycle count:2

·         Segment 3: Initial->Middle->Final->Middle  Cycle count:2

·         Segment 4: Initial->Middle->Final->Middle->Final  Cycle count:3

·         Segment 5: : Initial->Middle->Final->Middle->Final->Middle  Cycle count:3

·         Segment 6: : Initial->Middle->Final->Middle->Final->Middle->Final  Cycle count:4

·         Segment 7: : Initial->Middle->Final->Middle->Final->Middle->Final->Middle  Cycle count:4

Note: If you want to make 1 cycle using 2 segment, you must set same value for Initial and middle.

Smart Manager software will count cycle number when it meet Middle frequency.

The above sequence consists of 4segment of 1st step and 4segment of 2nd step. Total 8 segment.

This will increase cycle number at middle frequency. Total cycle number for 8 segment will be 5 cycles.


Iteration control

d.        Iteration in EIS

If you input iteration number in EIS techniques, frequency sweep will be
Initial frequency-> Middle frequency -> Final frequency -> Middle frequency -> Final frequency

 In technique menu

In sequence editor


If you input 5 for iteration, this will proceed as the following frequency scanning sequence



Loop control in Batch file

e.        Looping schedule files

You can control loop schedule file sequence. This looping does not count cycle number. But cycle number counting in each schedule file will be appended by other schedule file’s cycle number.

Eg.  A schedule file will count cycle number as 5 cycles.

      B schedule file will count cycle number as 10 cycles

      C schedule file will does not count cycle number.

If you make batch file using A-B-C sequence using batch file cycle function with 5 cycles then data file will record (5+10)x 5 =75 cycle number.

A schedule

 B schedule

 C schedule

 Batch file using A,B,C with 5 looping.

f.         Cycle count in batch (each schedule file in batch file does not have loop)

If you want cycle count in batch file which does not have cycle counting schedule file, then you must prepare sequence file which has cycle count in batch file.

2.       Loop limit

You cannot set same loop control type inside of loop.

1)       Loop inside of loop

u  You must set different loop type. (Loop-normal or Loop-cycle)

u  If you must set same loop control type, you can use batch file loop function

2)       Loop sequence

If Loop control is sequentially, you can use same loop control type

If Loop control is sequentially, you can use different loop control type